Servicing a diversified client base within all economic sectors.

Business Consulting

Customizing our services to the specific needs of our clients allows our company to help you make decisions affecting greater productivity and profit.

Working with your company, we help you to increase your strongest points and minimize any areas of weakness.

Looking Ahead

We are able to provide valuable experience and offer suggestions that may have been overlooked. We want to help your team to capitalize on its talents.

Looking ahead is vital to keeping your company on top. We have a wide range of experience and can provide invaluable insight. Let us help you to become the strongest and most efficient business you can be.

Nowhere else is the individual and the company so tightly linked as in a family business. Because R. J. Gold works so closely with family business, we have become especially sensitive to family dynamics. We can recommend a variety of options to help you meet your personal financial objectives including techniques to build and preserver wealth.

Services We Provide

     ● Management and ownership succession planning
     ● Assistance in developing buy/sell agreements
     ● Family ownership structures
     ● Addressing issues relating to non-family key employees
     ● Family compensation issues
     ● Allocation of stock ownership
     ● Business valuations for buy/sell transactions, stockholder disputes and family separations.


Accounting & Auditing

Tax Advisory

Business Consulting

Estates and Trust

Healthcare Consulting

Retirement Planning

Retirement Plans

Litigation Support